Summary Designer, Bridget West creates individually crafted, contemporary homeware through her company, Pieces of You. Social responsibility led her to imitate nature’s eco-systems, to explore ‘waste’ as resource. Her three tiered collection includes Printed Designs, Unique Pieces and the Bespoke range can all be seen on the website.
‘Printed Designs’, printed onto Organic textiles, play on label obsessions and use international care symbols. ‘Unique Pieces’ celebrate recycling as discarded clothing and their labels evolve into something functional and precious. The Bespoke service is personal as the client’s sentimental fabrics and memories, pieces of themselves, are incorporated to create something unique.
The way forward is to not simply allow objects to be superseded through time but to change our attitude towards them, bringing a level of appreciation of them to an extent that they’re kept and valued as timeless.
Address 28 A Lothair Rd, Ealing, london W5 4TA
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Country United Kingdom
Public Email Address bridget.west@piecesofyou.co.uk
Phone Number 0208 5679692