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Summary Our ecostore sells ethical homewares, eco friendly presents and FSC gardening gifts. All our products are either made in the UK, made of FSC wood, recycle/reduce/reuse, energy saving, ethically made, organic, protect our wildlife or sustainable. All our packaging, apart from the sticky tape, is either recycled, recycable or biodegradable. The site is run by a team who care for the environment too – no we’re not tree huggers, we’re real people trying to make a difference. We provide you with quirky yet simple products which will fit into your everyday lifestyle.
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Description environmentally friendly products & recycled eco gifts & presents available online at protect the p
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£39.99View DetailsChunni Square Mango Wood Chopping Board£19.99View DetailsEcosavers Appliance Energy Meter£7.99View DetailsPanda Eco Stapler£19.99View DetailsPowerplus Barracuda Rechargeable Torch£9.99View DetailsPowerPlus Bee Wind up LED Torch protecttheplanet.co.uk is the leading online retailer of eco friendly products, ecogifts & recycled giftware. Our environmentally friendly products fall into eight distinct categories, of which ethically made, made in the UK and recycled are a few.