Wedge Worldwide
Summary We are a retail website that offers an abundance of earth-friendly products. Come on in and explore the lovely, eco-friendly goods we have to beautify your home and garden. Peruse our lines of organic and sustainable clothing. We carry many available choices of dinnerware and pottery, fun items for your living space, tea accessories, fair trade jewelry, natural body care and more!
Address 746 Vandalia St, Saint Paul, MN 55114
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Country United States
Public Email Address custserv@wedgeworldwide.coop
Phone Number 651.209.1002
Fax Number 651.209.1004
Wedge Worldwide is closed as of April 1, 2010. Our thanks go out to our shoppers for their business, support and understanding. We enjoyed serving you all during our four years of business. Our parent company, The Wedge Co-op will consider how this site may be used in the future to benefit our members and larger community. If you have questions regarding: Returns Refunds eGift Certificates Product questions Please contact Brita (brita@wedge.coop) or Marti (marti@wedge.coop) or call 612.871.3993